Side-by-side Gun by William Ford, cal. 12 2 1/2

Side-by-side gun by William Ford, ca. 12 2 1/2, Birmingham nitro proof, very pretty damascus barrels, best original condition, stock with pistol grip, oak & leather case with makers label, stunning engraving of all metal parts, golden oval, autom. safety, ejectors, length of barrels 61 cm, length of pull 37 cm. A very fine example…

Pair FN Browning, Cal. 12/70

Pair FN Browning, Cal. 12 2 3/4, made in 1974, excellent condition, selective single trigger, nicely figured stock, custom made for a german olympic athlete, length of barrels 30″, length of pull 40 cm, ventilated rib!

Pair FN Browning, Cal. 12/70

Pair of FN Browning, Cal. 12 2 3/4, good condition, ventilated rib, single trigger, length of barrels 28″, length of pull 40 cm, good condition, no dents or rust – a nice working pair!

Pair of Asprey side by side guns Cal. 20 3 1/4

Pair of beautiful side by side guns by Asprey! Self opener, ejectors, side locks. High end acanthus engraving – so called ribbon pattern most likely done by Alan Portsmouth, english stock with very pretty wood. Made in 1993. Asprey only produced between 1990 and 1999 high quality guns and rifles for a handful of best…