VERKAUFT! – Boss Bockdoppelflinte Kal. 12/70

Seitenschlossdoppelflinte Boss & Co., Kal. 12/70, Einabzug, Ejektoren, erstklassiges Schaftholz, hergestellt 1999, Schaft mit Pistolgriff, Lauflänge 75 cm, Abzugslänge 38 cm. Erstklassige Rose & Scroll Gravuren. Bester Originalzustand. Im Originalkoffer des Herstellers. Die Flinte weist nahezu keine Gebrauchsspuren auf.

Der Neupreis dieser Flinte liegt heute bei 155.000 €.

Boss Bockdoppelflinten gehören zu den teuersten Jagdwaffen der Welt und sind sowohl bei Sammlern als auch bei Anlegern begehrt. Die Lieferzeit liegt heute bei 3-5 Jahren.

Article from „The Field“:


Boss over-and-under (patented 1909)

With the low-profile bifurcated lump, Boss established the over-and-under configuration in England (though the stack-barrelled concept is very old and predates the side-by-side). In-stead of the barrels turning on a hinge-pin, they locate into tapering slots in bushes near the knuckle of the action. These turn in the action body as the gun is opened or closed (a feature not much copied because of its complexity though Bertuzzi, the Italian best gunmaker, has made Boss-style guns and Beretta made one in the early Thirties).

The Boss dispenses with the traditional side-by-side arrangement of placing lumps on the underside of the barrels. On an over-and-under such protrusions, still seen in some designs, necessitate a deeper action. Robertson, the design genius of Boss, took the lumps and placed one on either side of the lower barrel, solving the problem of action height. Under-barrel bolting/locking was replaced by small, square section pegs coming out of the breech face, which engaged with bites on each side of the bottom chamber mouth.

The action of the Boss also has draws and wedges, whereby a concave face on the rear bifurcated lump engages a corresponding convex face on the inner-action walls. The ejectors on the Boss over-and-under are of the coil-spring type used on Boss side-by-side guns. The success of the gun lies with its combination of ease of use and light weight (until recently, about 6½lb in 12-bore was the norm). It was also one of the first English guns avail-able with a truly reliable single trigger. The 12- 16- and 20-bore cost £75,000 plus VAT while 28-bore and .410 cost £85,000 plus VAT. I’d be tempted by a 12-bore, but I would not have it made too light – no less than 6lb 12oz.


Preis: 69500 €