Holland & Holland

Holland & Holland was founded by Harris Holland (1806–1896) in 1835.

Initially there was no address on the barrels and the reason for this might be that Harris Holland ordered guns to his design from the trade.

Around 1850 Harris Holland started his own manufacturing.

In 1883 Holland & Holland participated in the trials from the magazine The Field and won all rifle categories.

1885 Holland & Holland was granted the patent for the Paradox gun.

In 1908 they patented the hand detachable lock for sidelock guns and rifles.

The last major development was jn 1922 the assistant opening mechanism which was patented. The Royal Self Opening system of the Royal side-by-side has influenced the gunmakers around the world.

After World War II Holland & Holland had a new owner – Malcolm Lyell. He made an approach to India and bought back some of the collections from princesses and Maharajahs starting a new market for second hand guns.

In 1989 the french company Chanel bought out Holland & Holland and renovated the factory. It was equipped with latest technology. The Royal Over & Under was reintroduced .

Today Holland & Hollands has show rooms in New York, Moscow and Los Angeles.

The main gunroom can still be found in Bruton Street in London.